We’ve Hit 200 Registrations!

200 wonderful people have registered.

Just 100 more to reach our goal…

200Is there any way to be able to say how appreciative we are for the 200 people who have now registered for the first annual Giants Head Grind?  Somehow, we went from 150 to 200 almost overnight.  Thank you so much for everyone that has taken the time to register so far. We will have a  great prize draw this weekend for the first 200 and will let you know who the lucky winner is and what they have won on Easter Monday! Just like the Easter Bunny…the gift is a surprise….!

It isn’t too late to register  for the Giants Head Grind. Registration cut off is May 1st, so you still have two weeks left to be part of this wonderful day. There will also be another amazing prize draw for all of those registered if we hit our goal of 300!

Can’t wait for May 17th…

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