Registration coming soon….

We are currently working hard at getting the registration page up and running and will let you know the moment it is live…..keep checking as we will enter the 1st 100 hundred entries into a draw prize …so registering early will have its benefits!


The Website is Live!

We are so excited to have our Giants Head Grind Website go live today! Registration is coming soon! Keep watching these pages for more information on the Grind which is happening daily!

March 5th Registration date….keep watching!

In Honour of Chris’ 30th Birthday

On behalf of Chris’s entire family and with great support from The Summerland Rotary Club, we are very excited to announce the inaugural Christopher Walker Memorial Race on Giant’s Head Grind in beautiful Summerland, British Columbia on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

Chris had a journey with Cancer that touched our lives in ways we could never have expected, which ultimately ended his life. It was a terrible journey that so many in our community have sadly had to take with their own loved ones. We hope that this race and the spirit it will bring to the City of Summerland, will urge us all to move ever forward and continue to always climb that next peak.

This day, January 27th, 2014, would have been Chris’ 30th birthday.