268 Registered Participants!

We are at 268 registered participants as of 10:30 this evening….thank you so much to everyone that has registered and or nudge a friend, co-worker, partner, or other family member to take the time to join us on May 17th. The first Giants Head Grind will be here in two short weeks and we  still believe we will have 300 registered participants …….we are so close! So if you know someone that is thinking of joining us but hasn’t hit the “Register”  button yet, now is the time.

Registration is suppose to close tomorrow May 1st, but we are going to extend the deadline for registration until Monday May 5th…so there is still time to be part of this great day!

Thanks for Grinding!

2nd Prize Draw Winner Announced! – Shelly Peterson


Congratulations to Shelly Peterson the lucky winner of a 2 night stay at the Craftsman Inn on the Hill in Summerland, British Columbia.  Shelly lives and works in Summerland and  says she has loved the home which is the Craftsman Inn since she first saw it when she moved here 10 years ago.

This prize was drawn from among the 200 people that had registered for the Giants Head Grind.  We are very pleased to say that we are now at 230 persons and hope to reach our goal of 300 registered racers.  If we do there is another great draw prize waiting to be won!

Thank you Shelly for taking the time to be part of this event we look forward to having  you along with all the other “Grinders” joining us  to climb the Giants Head on May 17th!

Steve King to be Giants Head Grind Race Announcer!

Steve King - Version 2

Steve King has graciously agreed to be the race announcer for the inaugural Giants Head Grind Race taking place in Summerland, BC on May 17th…

Steve will be there at the start line in Peach Orchard Park with his always recognizable race voice sending off all participants. He then will head quickly to the finish line atop Giants Head Mountain to call race as each participant  reach the top of the mountain.   Steve has been the voice of triathlon and in particular Ironman Canada, Penticton and he was there to call Chris across the finish line in his two Ironman races.  Somewhere …. Chris is more than a little amazed to have Steve King as the voice of the Grind!

Thanks Steve from all of us for joining the Giants Head Grind….

Learn more about the incomparable Steve King

STEVE KING’s  Incredible BIO

Steve King has a B.Sc. degree in Health and Human Services and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor. He is an avid runner, race-walker and triathlete who has held six national age group records, has raced at Ironman and Ultraman triathlon distances and has been a member of Canada`s national 100km team. In 2001 he became only the second Canadian ever to complete the grueling Badwater Death Valley 135 mile run and he put together a a photo journal of this challenge on Youtube, accompanied by the song ‘Road to Hell’ (written by Rea/Anton) and sung by Steve himself. This can be viewed at


Steve was also the publisher of `Tri-Fit Quarterly`, a national triathlon magazine, author of a triathlon training log and CBC`s colour commentator for the sport of triathlon. He is also the race announcer for many sports events including Ironman Canada (now Challenge Penticton). He has an avid interest in healthy balance and wholism and in 2012 he was inducted into the BC Athletics Hall of Fame and was honored by a local couple of businessmen who recently produced a bobblehead likeness of Steve, which even has its own Facebook page of photos showing him bobbing up in a variety of locales around the world (Adventures of #bobblehead Steve).

Steve has worked at Pathways Addictions Resource Centre in Penticton since 1989 and he authored a book on energy psychology entitled, `Rapid Recovery: Accelerated Information Processing & Healing` and co-edited ‘Running in the Zone` and is a contributing writer to ‘Gin & Platonic and Other Short Stories with a Twist’ and ‘Triathlete in Transition’.

Steve also recorded a 16-song CD dedicated to his wife Jean entitled ‘Songs for Jean’, which can be heard by visiting http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/steveking1


We have 220 people registered….and a winner for our most recent prize draw!

How many ways can we thank  all of you that have taken the time to register for the 1st Annual Giants Head Grind, May 17th.  We are hoping to reach 300 participants and as of April 22nd we are thrilled to now be at 220.  We are  more and more confident every day that we will reach our registration goal and this wouldn’t be possible without all of you that have done so much to promote this event and to take part in it.  The day is shaping up to be a great one for participants and for Summerland.

As promised when we reached 200 persons we said there would be a prize draw and we are pleased to tell you that we not only have the prize but we have a winner…and we will have another fantastic prize when we reach 300 registrations…which we will!

Proprietors of the Craftsman Inn on the Hill Bed and Breakfast, Susan and Pete, have generously provided 2 nights complimentary accommodation in their restored circa 1937  craftsman home located in Summerland.

The Craftsman Inn sits on half an acre with views of orchards and mountains, and is just a short walk to downtown. This luxurious bed and breakfast offers new, comfortable Queen or King beds, air-conditioned rooms and private sitting areas. In the morning you will be met with your choice of continental or full breakfast and a warm brew of cappuccino or espresso.  Susan and Pete look forward to welcoming you to their fabulous home that is family and pet friendly. 


A New Baby Named in Memory

WalkerWe want to introduce you to “Walker” born to Annie this past Monday April 15th.

He is a tall beautiful blond boy, and we want to thank the Agur family for naming him in memory of Chris. He is too young to Grind this year, but watch out… I’m sure he’ll be there one day!

Thanks for following the Grind and have a Happy Easter.

Giants Head Grind Coffee….!

Thank you to Lone Tree for our new Giants Head Grind Coffee, which became available today!

The first sales of the coffee took place at the True Grain Anniversary Breakfast event this morning on Main Street in Summerland. Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy breakfast and to all those who bought the new Giants Head Grind Coffee.

If you are interested in purchasing coffee, we will let you know shortly where you can purchase this great product.  Thank you again Lone Tree for supporting the Grind!

Let’s talk Team Costumes…

I can’t believe that we now have 18 teams registered!

I even heard a rumor that some of these teams are planning to race in costumes. To encourage the spectacle, we will be giving out prizes for the best dressed team and individual, so feel free to let those creative “Grinder Juices” flow! It is not to late to get your team registered, but remember… The Early Bird deadline is coming up fast and ends this Tuesday, April 15th at midnight.

Welcome Teams:

  • Buffalo Theory
  • Calgary Crawlers
  • Fabulous Forties and Fifties Females (F.F.F.F)
  • Gartrell Grinders
  • Investors Group
  • Lakeshore Fitness + Health
  • M.O.M.S (Minds over Mountains)
  • Team Eden
  • Team Farris
  • Team Keller
  • Team Myketyn
  • Team Toddler
  • The Sunshine Family
  • The Tuscans
  • The Valentine Farmers
  • Walkers Grinders
  • Wandering Soles
  • Wise Knowltons

The young and the gently aged are all participating!


We won’t single anyone out but we very pleased to see the wide range of age groups signing up to do the Grind with us in May. Currently out of the 155 people that are now registered we have our youngest participant taking on this challenge who I thought was 5 years old but I was just advised that the youngest registered is in fact 2 1/2 years old while the oldest so far remains at 69! That is a pretty wonderful spread of ages and we do have everything in between as well.

Thank you as always to those of you that have taken the time to register to date. We are now past the 1/2 way mark to achieve our goal of 300 participants. It is also great to see everyone out on the weekends getting in shape and even practicing the Grind Course.

If you haven’t registered the Early Bird pricing really will end on the 15th of April which is next Tuesday, hope you can book before then!

Thanks for following and thanks for taking on the Giants Head Grind!

Why are you doing the Giants Head Grind?

It is great to see that so many people have signed up to do the Giants Head Grind on May 17th, 2014. Our numbers are climbing steadily and as we begin the weekend we have 140 registered racers and just shy of $4,000 raised in donations to date. Our goal is 300 racers so we are almost at the half way mark and we believe that we can raise $30,000.00 for our cause… there are still 42 days until we climb that Grind!

For our family and many of those participating, the Face of Cancer and our reason for doing this race is Chris. We know there are many other stories and reasons that you are joining us and would so appreciate to hear from you about all the other people you will be honoring when you do the Grind.

Putting a Face on Cancer

The Face of our Cancer

The Face of our Cancer

The face of our Cancer
had blue eyes and dirty blond hair
an eyebrow splashed with white
a few lashes and a patch of hair the same

The face of our Cancer
was always up for mac and cheese
made a mean breakfast that usually involved hot sauce
wouldn’t pass on an ice cream sandwich or a good scotch

The face of our Cancer
loved frozen ice and the smell of the arena
always showed up early to the rink on game day
cheered for the leafs … not kidding… really cheered for the leafs

The face of our Cancer
read the instructions, knew all the rules, always had a plan
could make a game out of anything…even the mundane
believed winning wasn’t the only thing …it was everything

The face of our Cancer
got a tattoo when Canada won Olympic hockey double gold
added another after his own first Ironman
wasn’t able to add cancer survivor to the collection

The face of our Cancer
wasn’t much of a runner and then one day he was
didn’t like to swim until one day he did
found out that swim, bike, run was an amazing challenge

The face of our Cancer
would race into the house for late night leftovers
wouldn’t mind the same for breakfast the next morning
learned to cook so he could have what he wanted when he wanted

The face of our Cancer
saw more of the world than many, but not nearly enough
accomplished many things but had so much more left to do
was born more than a month late ….and died years to early

The face of our Cancer
was a brother, a nephew, a cousin an uncle
he was a friend, teammate, a partner and fiancée
the face of our cancer was our oldest son

What is the face of your Cancer?

We are at 100 Participants and have a draw prize winner!

lee agur photo

It has happened! We hit the first 100 participants registered  for the Giants Head Grind this weekend! Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to sign up so far. As promised there is a great prize draw that has been offered by the Summerland Waterfront Resort and Spa for a 2 night stay.  Utilizing a program called random.org we have drawn the winning name.

The winner of our first prize draw is none other than Lee Agur….Congratulations Lee!

Tomorrow we will announce the next contest prize draw which will be drawn when we achieve 200 registrations.  All of the 200 registered participants will be eligible for the next prize draw. Keep watching for prize details tomorrow!

We really are close to the 300 mark…after all if everyone that is currently signed up each encourages 2 more people to register, we will be full!  Have a great day and thanks so much to all those that have registered so far!

Keep on Grinding….