Race Organized in Walker’s Memory

PrintOn Thursday, February 25, Carla McLeod of the Summerland Review, sat down with Ellen Walker-Matthews to discuss the history of the Giants Head Grind – Christopher Walker Memorial Race. We are honoured and thrilled with the end result and want to thank Carla and the Summerland Review for taking the time to tell this story in such a poignant and thoughtful manner.

“He would not be at all pleased for me to waste my life when he so desperately wanted to continue living his.”

We encourage you to read the full story here: Summerland Review, February 25, 2016, page 8.

But this is only our story. As we’ve learned over the past 3-years, every participant has their own story, and we want to hear it.

Comment below or email us and share with us why you’re planning to “Conquer the Giant” this year.

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